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Theist. Login to post a new forum topic. by Sapient, 10 years 26 weeks ago Religion / Theism is the Root of all evil, watch Dawkins, 16, 11 years 1 week ago.
To that end (and the end of atheism as defining our position) I've been looking and in that sense the word ' sapient ' although it might refer to a.
Yesterday I went to see The Atheist, a play by Ronan Noone. . (see http://www. forum / sapient for Atheists and theists usually follow similar moral guidelines, but atheists must...

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Thanks for the breath of fresh air! Has he repeatedly appeared at atheist conventions? I didn't read all of that as it was a bit tedious to be honest. You forgot "often immoral". Compared to the infantile worldview of a religionist, an atheist is fully aware that most moral questions are not black and white, that there are no easily identifiable heros and villains. I do think the often backhanded "welcome" most theists get here does come from a position of reaction and defense.

Yet they would regard themselves as sapient as well surely? Check this out for. Reply to discussions and create your own threads. You assume that you would, but video japanese bondage extreme bdsm punishment ayumi reality you don't even know if that forum sapient atheist theist is "true". This comment has been removed by the author. I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. Last Post : Cosmo. Search this forum. My suggestion is that we refer to ourselves as "sapients. I've always seen religion as a way of making big-brained primates us feel self important and different from all other animals. Since the word 'scientist' means someone strictly academic we could not use that word and 'scientology' of course has already been erroneously adopted by others with religious-like convictions. Authenticity seems less important in this discussion than irrational and inconsistent behavior.

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