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Packing tips ptaguy sharesbackpacking

Packing tips. Moving day is looming and you realise that you can't put off the packing any longer. Have you got enough boxes? What about those breakables.
Tips for packing. What is the weather like in Lille in June/July? In France, June and July are summer months. Lille has a maritime climate and the weather is.
Not sure of what to pack? Find tips and tricks on packing here, links to packing lists, videos, and more..

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Packing lists are also available on each trip-specific page. One of the best things you can do when you're packing for any trip, especially one that requires you to pack lots of layers, is to make sure you use packing organizers.

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Also, tourist books are available in the ESP office. Looking for some inspiration? It's always nice to have a bag that's easy to access so you don't have to get in your main travel bag each time you need your eye mask. You will give this to your instructors at the airport. Click here for more info about TSA rules regarding what you can pack. Learn more about choosing the right packing organizers. The easiest way to keep your belongings safe is to keep them hidden and close to you.